Why do we recommend ALL IN A DAY?

ALL IN A DAY is a complete product line of 100% natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants .

It is a completely new and very rare on the market . Natural nutrients are extremely difficult to obtain. Most of the vitamins and minerals in the market, therefore are synthetically produced. At best, our body absorbs only 50% synthetic ones compared to the natural ones. SENSILAB ALL IN A DAY range contains only naturally derived ingredients and so our body can take advantage of 100% .

Multivitamin for Women

Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that preserve the health and beauty of every woman includes combination of B complex, magnesium, vitamin C, the natural selenium, resveratrol from red grapes and vitamin E . We have strengthened the effectiveness of the range with the addition of a combination of concentrates of 11 fruits and 11 kinds of vegetables , which helps to maintain vitality and life energy of each individual.

Multivitamin for Men

Did you know that only 14% of adult men have a sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals from food – the remaining 86% are experiencing the unpleasant symptoms due to the lack of it?

Our multivitamin for men can help the modern day working men with:-

Prove support for immune system and prevents cold
Improve well-being
Support the cognitive processes
Reduce the risk of heart disease
Supports fertility




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